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Ardales Park

Ardales Park

Andalucia is the real Spain - long sunny days, mountains covered with groves of olive, orange and lemon trees; villages full of tapas bars, and the most charming of people. All this can be enjoyed in Ardales, yet it is less than an hour from the Costa del Sol. Imagine if you can three beautiful turquoise lakes  bordered by huge pine forests. A peaceful hideaway where you can swim or fish, take a picnic on the lake shore.

You no longer have to imagine, just come to Ardales!  Malaga's "Lake District" is in fact three reservoirs formed by dams built across the extrordinary Guadalhorce river gorge, which is called the Garganta del Chorro. The views in this area have to be seen to be believed

To the south of Bobastro and from the previously mentioned reservoir, the landscape is formed by large hills, covered in olives and pine woods which continue over the sierras de Aguas and the thermes in the neighbouring municipalities of Alora and Carratraca.

There is much evidence that the first settlements in the area date far back to prehistoric days. Close to the village is the cave known as Cueva de Ardales, or Cueva de Doña Trinidad Grund, this is an underground cavern stretching several kilometers which contains paintings of goats, horses and stags and other images from the Upper Paleolithic period.

The caves are not generally open to the public but tours can be arranged.



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