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Podlemorye, Maksimikha

Podlemorye, Maksimikha

The village of Maksimikha is one of the remarkable places in the Barguzinsky gulf of lake Baikal.

Maksimikha is situated 235 kms far from the city of Ulan-Ude, deep in the southern bay of the gulf into which the river Maksimikha flows.

The village is called so after the name of the cossack Maxim Perfilyev, who had lived here for some time. The writer Michael Zhigzhitov, the author of the popular book in Buryatia "Podlemorye” also used to live here for a long time.

The bay is very convenient for rest: Water here is warmer, than in many places of Baikal (in August the temperature of water reaches +14+16 С), there is a fine beach and a shallow, next to the village there are high slopes of the mountains covered with coniferous forest rich in berries and mushrooms in autumn.

Coastal waters of the bay are rich in fish.

The village has a post-office, a communication centre, a village club, shops and a cafe.

In previous years the village has developed as the tourist centre.

There are several objects of accommodation of tourists.

Their location is denoted on the scheme.

Some of them admit all holiday-makers.

The network of guest houses develops.

There is no visiting centre in the settlement yet, and it makes difficult the search of vacant places.

In summer there are two yachts which can be employed for walk in the lake.



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